Fundamentals of Personal Finance: Part III

Part III: Riding the Train; Implementing your Plan

dsc01434 Mind the gap.  Mind the gap.  Oswald Laurence’s voice echoes through Embankment station of London’s Underground Northern line.  You’ve surveyed the map and made travel plans.  Now it’s time to hop on the train and ride.  Becoming a passenger is the first step to implementing your plan.  Having mastered complex concepts, it is not the time to forget the basics!  You’ve so carefully chosen rail line, so you must be sure to “mind the gap” and not fall from the platform when you board.  Here are some final points to guide and encourage you with your personal finances!

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Fundamentals of Personal Finance: Part II

Taking visual notes: no art experience necessary

Hello, friends. Our study of personal finance fundamentals continues. We are making use of an analogy with the London public transit system. Part I of this three-part series was about Understanding the Map, and covered the fundamentals of finance. This part is entitled:

Planning your Trip: Making Goals and Choosing Investments

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Fundamentals of Personal Finance: Part I

Have you ever wanted to get your finances organized and your money invested, but you did not know where to start?

This three-part personal finance series is for you!

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How to Be a Hot Mess of a Hostess, Part II

Part I of this series explored the heart and purpose of hospitality. This month we will break down four practical things to consider if you desire to cultivate hospitality in your life, no matter where you live. Yes, you too can be the hostess who is able to sit back and enjoy her company, no matter what else is going wrong!

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How to Be a Hot Mess of a Hostess, Part I

What if one of your neighbors randomly put a bright, lime green picnic table in their front yard that stuck out like a sore thumb?  Would you notice? Of course!

Rosaria Butterfield, author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, did just that on walk-810247_640her family’s front yard in North Carolina. You see, the green table is known as the local meeting point for prayer. Once every week, anyone is welcome to meet at the famous “green table” for a neighborhood prayer walk.  The group goes through the neighborhood and prays for local needs, as well as for any requests that strangers, or “non-praying” people will share with the group as they walk.

Afterwards, they gather for a meal and people from the entire neighborhood mingle further. Rosaria says the size of the core group has fluctuated, but the simple act of prayer walking and sharing meals has enabled her family to use their home as a means for reaching out to her neighbors.

I use her story as an example because hospitality is something I’ve desired to cultivate in my own life, even though I’ve never had a place of my own.We’ll do a two-part series here that talks about how anyone can practice hospitality – even if you don’t have your own place!

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10 Worst Mistakes You’re Making in the Kitchen

10 Worst Mistakes Your Making in the KitchenHere’s a secret: the joke about “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is actually not a joke – and the longer I’m married the more I realize it. There is an invisible tube that connects the stomach to his heart. I’m sure of it.

Frankly, who doesn’t love a good cook?  Cooking a scrumpt-diddily-umptious meal is one of the biggest blessings you can drop on anyone! Every woman, and I repeat, every woman should learn how to be a good cook. It’s actually not that hard and at the end of this post I’m going to tell you the BIGGEST secret on how to be the BEST cook in the world! Continue reading

The Best Way to Hang a Sweater

I hope you all have been enjoying the sweater weather as much as I have! I love bundling up in a cozy jumper and scarf in the cool morning air. Last year, when I reorganized my closet, I folded and stored them in a basket.  I’m one of those quirky people who likes everything neatly folded to exactly the same size, so I used a homemade folding board (old kitchen cutting board).  Honestly, they didn’t all make it into the basket folded in perfect unison.

I like the efficiency of hanging sweaters in the closet, but they get these funny pokey arms in the shoulder, slip off the hanger, and end up on the floor, or get stretched out and misshaped in funky ways.

Several months ago I found a neat, quick way to get those sweaters in the closet by folding it over a hanger. It’s simple and fast. You eliminate the three above misdemeanors, and it works for cardigans too.The best way to hang a sweater.

  1. Fold the sweater in half lengthwise.
  2. Put the hook of the hanger so it’s in the armpit of the sweater.
  3. Fold the body of the sweater over one arm of the hanger.
  4. Then fold the arms of the sweater over the other side of the hanger.
  5. I like to tuck them in under the bottom of the hanger for extra security – absolutely no slipping off.

FREE: My Favorite Household Planner

This week I want to share my household planner. In a recent post on preparing for marriage, I mentioned cleaning as something I wish I had become proficient at before saying “I do.” Organizing is not easy for me, but I LOVE a clean and well-run home. I’ve tried various methods of organizing home maintenance and this one has been the most successful. Even better: it’s free.

Free Household Planner
Download the Free Planner here -scroll to the very bottom of the link.

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DIY O Calorie Electrolyte Lemonade


2 Ingredients you have at home for a zero calorie natural electrolyte drink.

Lemon and salt. I recently discovered a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt in water creates natural electrolytes. Electrolytes are substances containing ions that carry electrical charges. In our body they stimulate muscles, nerves, and regulate the amount of fluids in our body, keeping them in balance. They also help our cells generate energy.  When we loose fluids, we lose electrolytes. Continue reading