Confessions of A Mind Dater

This guy you know… he talks to you. He invites you to hang out in groups and seems to enjoy your company. You are becoming friends. You can’t help but wonder: Is there something else going on here? Is he interested in that way?

And so you start to picture yourself dating him. Is this someone I could see myself with? And you evaluate him. “He likes pizza, too! Wow, it was meant to be…”. You analyze every characteristic of his that you can observe, constantly changing the verdict a thousand times. “I think that he is someone I could date” and two hours later: “Oh, what was I thinking? This is ridiculous. I don’t know ….”

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Internet Dating: “To Click” or “Not To Click”?

Internet Dating 1For Christian women still waiting for Mr. Right, online dating has increasingly become accepted as a way to meet potential spouses. Only 20% of churches in America have a group dedicated to singles ministry. As a second resort, women are turning to the internet to expand their horizons. In 2012, an estimated 40 million Americans gave online dating a try.  More and more people are finding their spouse via online dating services (ODS).  It has been estimated that 1 in 5 married couples met online. Since dating is not in the Bible, it’s a grey area that needs to be navigated with wisdom. There are dangers and pitfalls in using this method, so here are some important points to consider to see if online dating is a wise path for you. Continue reading