The World’s Best Bucket List – Hands Down

This past week, I asked a bunch of my girlfriends in my singles ministry if they had a bucket list. Most had a version of such an ambition, even if it wasn’t titled ‘bucket list’. I was incredibly inspired in hearing their responses, as it reminded me that living fully does not require a) a huge budget b) plane tickets  or c) a personal calendar filled with events.

Here is a sample of the motley-potley variety of responses. Some are just plain fun, some are serious, and some hit the bull’s eye in reminding us of the fact that we should always be living in light of eternity.

  • Ride a zipline
  • Milk a cow
  • Memorize songs that put Scripture to music.
  • Become Secretary of State
  • Use writing and linguistics to share the Gospel
  • Adopt internationally
  • Recite an entire rap song from memory
  • Do a short-language exchange in Italy to tutor English, learn Italian, and use the experience to write a book about Italy/Italian.
  • Take an auto mechanic class.
  • Drive a different way to church/work/the grocery store. Turn off the radio and pray aloud …..
  • Read all of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.
  • Experience the freedom of discipline in at least one area of your life, whether its in your thoughts, eating, exercise, words, or personal habits.
  • Visit a nursing home on a regular basis, even if it’s just once a month. Befriend a widow . . . visit them more than one time.
  • Become a biblical counselor.
  • Volunteer/work/live in another country for a time.
  • Drive a stick shift. Drive into San Francisco on my own and feel comfortable and not stressed.
  • Start a nonprofit organization to help at risk women/children.
  • Pray before eating meals, even if it’s just you at the table.
  • Go to the San Francisco Ballet.
  • Review the day before falling asleep and tell God four things that you are grateful for specifically about that day.
  • Live my single years well.
  • Run my own business (personal chef, editing/writing, tutoring, wedding flowers).
  • Walk across Abbey Road.
  • Become a CEO or CFO.
  • Build my vocabulary.
  • Go to work with a friend of mine for half a day or more. It’s terribly fun to actually see your compadre in their element…..besides you always end up learning something new!
  • Learn the art of listening and asking good questions.
  • Learn how to communicate well with different personalities. Learn to see people beyond their position or popularity. Learn to not interrupt.
  • Pray for more opportunities and courage to share the Gospel.
  • Go fishing. Yup. Then cook and eat the fish I hooked!
  • Go to an Olympic Games.
  • See Paul McCartney in concert.
  • Read all of C.S. Lewis or Jane Austen.
  • Paint a wall red. Cultivate and maintain a clean, welcoming home.
  • Keep a budget. Pay off any debt.
  • Go up to a vista point with a friend who plays the guitar. Sing worship songs, watch the sunset, and tell God what you are grateful for.
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Have high tea (yes….the real deal!)
  • Take a ballet or salsa class, preferably with a friend.
  • Ask God for a joyful heart in all circumstances. No amount of money, extravagant trip, or experience can rival the internal rewards of this attitude.
  • Take cooking courses at a real cooking school.
  • Compliment people when you really have something to say.
  • Keep a chocolate journal. Keep a cheese journal.
  • Pray for humility. Do something for God that only He sees . . .
  • Dance the Macarena at night on a public street.
  • Learn how to _____ . [frame your photos, change the oil on your car, understand a new sport, etc].
  • Go Geocaching
  • Hike in the Alps and take photographs.
  • Host international students/missionaries in my living space.
  • Stop rushing everywhere.
  • Make 5-8 meals from scratch with no recipe help.
  • Design or build my own house.
  • Invest in people. Invite someone out for coffee that is new to your social circle. ‘
  • Watch a foreign film in the movie theatre.
  • Start a prayer journal to see how God works. God always answers prayers: Either with a ‘yes’, or ‘no, because there is something better…..’

A Puritan Prayer: “May the world this day be happier and better because God lives in me…”

Please Share: What are some of your favorite ambitions? How are you not putting your life on hold?



One thought on “The World’s Best Bucket List – Hands Down

  1. Great ideas! Really enjoyed this post!

    Memorize songs that put Scripture to music, high tea, pray for humility/do something for God that only He sees . . .Experience the freedom of discipline in at least one area of your life, whether its in your thoughts, eating, exercise, words, or personal habits. Recite an entire rap song from memory!


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