3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life


Things at home have gotten a little hairy lately as I’ve taken blogging more seriously. Some of you know that in January I launched our sister site, Gamine & Stripes, a fashion blog about style, trends, capsule wardrobes, and inspiration for the everyday mom. As a result, these last weeks I’ve lived by a pretty strict schedule in order to accommodate more time for writing in addition to my daily responsibilities as a wife and mom. Wow, has it been eye-opening.

I’ve made some minor changes in my life, but have learned some great lessons I wanted to share with you.

First, I stopped “multitasking” and cut out distractions. Before, I always felt that blogging was banging around in my brain while I was taking care of the kids or house. If I was struck by inspiration, I would have to go to my computer to write down a thought that would turn into writing a post, that easily turned into annoyance at the kids for interrupting my flow of creativity with their petty arguments or requests for help. Or I would get distracted by checking my stats or social media to see how things were progressing. As a result, I didn’t get much blogging done, or complete all of my other jobs.

But now I have scheduled time to blog…write…create…. so I can turn the “blog brain” off and completely focus on the task at hand, loving my kids, speed cleaning, hanging with my hubby, etc. I also have moved my computer, my main source of internet, into the office and close the door. If I don’t see it, I’m not tempted to check on things, or start writing. I have also turned off the internet on my phone, so social media is not a constant distraction.

Second, I live by a schedule. I’m not a nazi about it, but I have blocks of time in which to accomplish certain tasks. These are big blocks of time. For example, when my eldest is at kindergarten for 3 and a half hours, I make lunch and cook as much of dinner as I can.  I clean house as much as possible so when he gets home most of my home responsibilities for the day are done and I can be all hands on deck. Because my kids are young, it is a big season for parenting, and I’ve noticed that things run the most smoothly when I’m the most undistracted and organized. Having certain times to accomplish certain tasks has increased my success rate of getting things done.

Third, I simplified my stuff so I can focus on my family.  I’ve narrowed down what is most important and said no to a lot of things!  Right now, my husband and kids are my top priority for where my time and energy goes. (After God of course). Just having less stuff in general is really helpful. Cleaning and keeping things clean is a lot faster and easier when there aren’t so many things to manage! I don’t know anyone who ever complained about having a clean, organized home! Keeping things simple minimizes stress and maximizes time for relationships. What people remember and treasure is the time, and the quality of time they spent with their loved ones.  Living simply is more conducive to creating those special memories instead of being distracted by all the things you need to manage or feel like you should be doing!

Looking back on the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized I’ve enjoyed my husband, children, and home more than I ever have with the advent of these few simple changes! What a blessing!

Please Share: How do you simplify your life?


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