Stop and Savor


I wanted to wrap up the Book Club we began months ago on “Shopping for Time” by Carolyn Mahaney.   I hope you enjoyed following along with me. The three greatest lessons I learned from these ladies were:

#3. Live intentionally in each season of life by knowing each season.
First, I need to be aware of what is going on in life instead of just letting life happen to me. I should be alert to the seasons of each family remember under my care-their joys and needs. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just trying to get through the day, or just trying to get to naptime or bedtime.

If I know what’s going on in my season, I can maximize the potential growth intrinsic in that time. Life becomes more alive, more purposeful, when I’m laboring towards cultivating fruit instead of feeling caught in the mindless, mundane hamster race of meals, housework and childcare. The mundane can become sacred acts of worship, when I am aware and working with God in His plan for each day.

#2. Live intentionally in each season through planning and goal setting.
I tend to be more of a “doer” than a planner. I feel like I’m getting somewhere when I’m doing something verses sitting down and just thinking. Plus, planning hurts my brain-it’s gone quite mushy since having kids. I can’t read those deep Puritan works like I used to.  But, I’ve seen that planning makes my time much, much more profitable. I go farther, and get more done when I sit and organize how I spend my time. It also averts procrastination on tasks like like taking the kids to get their shots and scrubbing mold out of grout! A lot more learning, parenting, and character development gets worked on when I take a little time each day to plan and write down a short “To Do” list.

#1. Live intentionally in each season by stopping and savoring.
This is the biggest and best lesson I’ve learned through this book-especially for a mom with young kids. It is SO SO hard to stop and just enjoy…usually, I’m just trying to get through my daily tasks: making lunch, eating lunch, cleaning up lunch, prepping to get in the car (bathroom, shoes, snacks, etc.) getting in the car, managing a peaceful conversation in the car, etc.

Everyday, I need remember to stop in those sweet moments, and savor: the sweet sound of my toddler singing, reading an extra book before rest time, holding a child on my lap and breathing in that powdery, yummy baby smell, doing an extra special job of braiding my daughter’s hair when she requests, “one braid, one pony(tail)”, my children whispering and giggling to each other, walking arm in arm through the store-all these wonderful, joyful blessings.

Growing up happens so fast. I don’t want my children’s main memory of me to be of a mom who was too busy for them, too busy to play or chat. I want them to remember that I enjoyed them, that they were my treasures and I loved having them home and they loved being home! I don’t want them to ever think that they were second, or third, or fourth to having a clean kitchen or clean clothes.

These are the main lessons I learned and am constantly try to apply in each day. I hope you enjoyed our book club as much as I did and took a little something out of or chats to help you along in your journey to a fruitful and fulfilling season!

Please share: What are you learning about managing each season of your life?


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