The Princess Effect: Who Are You Most Like?


Recently  I took one of those Facebook polls that tells you your closest Disney relative. I’m not sure what exactly I do when I learn I’m just like Baloo from the Jungle Book, but it got me thinking.  Are there any life lessons, better yet, any spiritual wisdom to be gained from examining ourselves and our Disney character counterparts?

I grew up with a dad who took his daughters to Disneyland every year and to see every movie Disney ever made, so these characters remain near and dear to me.  As a grown woman, I still get a kick out of experiencing their magic, though I see them through different eyes. I imagine just about every girl has at least one hidden princess lurking around inside.  I wondered, what exactly can these beauties teach me in my journey toward biblical womanhood?

As I sat down to pen The Snow White Effect,  the first of my Princess Effect series,  I predicted cautionary tales of avoiding too many thought patterns that include “Someday My Prince Will Come,” and of finding purpose in loving the people around you, rather than simply putting your life on hold or waiting for prince charming to jump start it.  But God had other plans for me.  In my quest to uncover Snow White’s life lessons, I stumbled upon a greater truth.


I admit, I still peek around corners for my earthly prince.  In the meantime God has recently reminded me that I already have a Prince.  His name is the Prince of Peace.  So instead of all those red flag warnings, I’d like to share what I came to learn about this fabulous Prince who loves us infinitely more than Happily Ever After.

In the Christmas season we hear a lot about Jesus bringing peace on earth.  What is true, is that Christ came to  earth to bring peace to the hearts of those who know Him.  On earth we have a positional peace that comes from our relationship with the Prince.  This frees me up to receive the other blessings of peace that come to the believer; peace during a long wait, peace during a time of deep pain, and peace in knowing there is one who will never fail me.

This kind of peace is not simply the absence of trouble.  In other words, peace is not contingent upon everything going well.  My circumstances can be hard, my relationships messy, and my heart can be still.  Picture the eye of a tornado – calm in the middle of chaos.

It doesn’t make sense. I have had friends tell me I’m waiting on someone too good to be true.  But I don’t have to wait, and neither do you.  This Prince is supernatural.  It doesn’t make sense, until I remember that it is perfect, because He is the source, and He is perfect.

emerald bayI traveled to Lake Tahoe recently; NASA calls it one of the clearest lakes in the world.  I marveled at the rich color this clear lake reflected.

When I really look for Christ to fulfill all my desires, I can not only see more clearly, He can actually create this kind of reflection in me from the inside out.  What I notice in those times is how much peace I have – about my job, my family, my relationships (the ones I am in, and the ones I still hope for), including peace about the future.  Other people notice it too.

My Prince gives me peace to make decisions.  Colossians  3:15 talks about letting peace rule over you.  These days the world frowns upon anyone telling you what to do, let alone rule over you. That word rule means to let peace  “umpire” your decisions.  In a game situation we have to surrender to the umpire’s decisions.  When we don’t, the game goes south.  When I surrender my game decisions and trust that he can see the big picture better than me, I let this peace rule in my heart.  I actually seek after it.

This Prince of mine and yours has calmed stormy seas.  He humbly, calmly, and quietly went to the cross demonstrating that in the worst of situations one can be still.  I have always been amazed at Christ’s behavior during His ascent to the cross. It runs counter to all this world expects to see in the attitude of a ruler, and yet the grace my Prince displayed whilst willingly laying down His life for His love – me, and you, is more attractive and chivalrous than anything I can think or imagine.

I hope you’ve fallen a little more in love as you read today. I sure have.  What a Bridegroom!  What a Prince!

As for peeking around corners for an earthly prince…I still will from time to time. Though my prayer for both you and me is that we only glance when we peek, and rather more often fix our gaze upward. And not someday. Now.

How do you find and nurture this kind of peace in your heart?

What are your favorite scriptures about Christ’s peace?

Stay tuned for the next Princess post: The Ariel Effect.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.49.49 AM

Renee is a single Christian woman who serves as mentor staff in the college ministry at her local church. She works as a literacy coach for a school district in San Ramon, California. Her hobbies include: boating, wake boarding, Zumba, riding roller coasters, and watching classic movies.


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