How To Pack for A Winter Weekend Getaway

how to pack for a winter getaway. winter travel capsule

Ever since my packing responsibilities jumped from 1 person to 5, whenever we go on a trip I like to play the “how many times can I wear these items without anyone noticing” game.  It’s a little competition I have with myself to pack as practically, fashionably, and as light as possible.  So, just for fun, I will be posting my daily outfits while we are on our career group ministry retreat in Tiana Lodge. Check next week to see the first outfit and follow how many times I can rotate my clothes on my new Style Blog: Gamine & Stripes.

The best way to pack for a trip is to think: mini, mini capsule. If you already have a capsule wardrobe, this will be even easier because everything already coordinates and all you have to do is select the most weather and activity appropriate items.

The items you select should:
1. Be comfortable and favs you love to wear.
2.Work well together in similar or complimentary colors.
3. Be easily layered.
4. Be versatile enough be to dressed up or down.
5. Hide stains and be easy to wash.

Tips on Packing:
1. Bring your favs because you won’t mind rewearing them and traveling with less.
2. Knits are better than woven because they resist wrinkles.
3. Dark colors are reworn better than light colors.  Mid-colors and prints camouflage stains and dirt.
4. Choose two thin items or layers over one bulky one. Two thin sweaters layer just as warmly as one bulky jumper, thus taking up less space and giving you double the options.
5. Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes-no matter how long your trip is. Wear one pack three.
6. Neutral basics can be easily reworn and accessorized with hats, scarves, & jewelry for completely different looks.
7. Wear your heaviest items while traveling.

For a winter getaway, remember to bring:
Long underwear, tights, thin leggings,  for under skinnies and other pants.
Hats that can cover your ears.
Sunscreen (with zinc oxide) -never, ever, ever leave your house without wearing sunscreen!
Warm weather proof jacket.
Appropriate shoes for snow activities.

For more on being a stylish packer, see Jessica’s travel, life and style blog hej doll.  See her outfits from the ski travel capsule featured in this post.

Please share: What items will you never travel without?


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