3 Effortless Steps to A Winter Mom Wardrobe

How I created my winter capsule.
This wardrobe was the easiest of my capsules to compile because it was based off the “Chic Gamine Mom,” I created in fall and the same color scheme: black, navy, red–with the small addition of pink and “merlo.” I switched my lightweight fabrics (tanks, skirts, dresses) for cozier warmer ones (long sleeves, tunics, pants).
Winter Capsule 2016. mom wardrobe. how create a capsule wardrobe.

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1. I looked for styles or cuts that supported my “Chic” and “Gamine” theme.  Items like boatneck tops, striped turtlenecks with button details, and slim black pants are iconic “Gamine” styles so I made sure to incorporate those. When I did my inspiration board, I saw that I loved blazers with graphic t-shirts so I kept my eye out for a black knit blazer.  Having these “essential iconic items” is how you create your style.

Remember, it takes time to build a great wardrobe that you love. Most of us can’t afford to do it in one season. Be patient. Start by investing in the basics that fit your body and style. Find garments you can stretch over multiple seasons.

Look for things that are trendless. I found a black and white striped buttoned turtleneck at a Good Will in early fall and saved it for winter. Who knows when it was made? I love it because it fits my style, looks good on me, and matches all my bottoms! Win Win Win for $4.00.

Winter Capsule Tops 2016
Basic – pink top.  Mid-style – colorblock shirt.  Statement – striped turtleneck.

2. How to pick tops.
My guidelines for selecting tops are 1. They have to flatter my body type (pear). 2. They must stay within my color scheme (black, navy, red & blush). 3. Be comfortable, breathable, stretchy and machine washable (natural fibers – cotton!).

I also had three ideas for the type of tops I wanted. 1. Neutrals: they are the easiest to mix and match, and I never get tired of wearing them.  2. Light colors and patterns: they flatter my figure best. 3. Budget: Shop my own closet first by using what I already have.

When I broke the Rule of Three. I included three sweaters, but not three cardigans. I have two cardigans and decided to try a tunic sweater. It’s a good reminder if you are struggling to come up with triplets.  The rules serve you, don’t be ruled by them!

Winter Capsule 2016 Bottoms
Most of my bottoms are dark – you never get tired of wearing what looks fabulous! Pictured, from L-R are my straight rinse jeans, black ponte pants, black trouser joggers, and black skinny jeans. I love the camel slouch ankle boots I found at Savers for $8.00. Those brown and navy duck boots are the first pair of rain boots I’ve purchased as an adult!

3. How I to pick bottoms.
My guidelines for picking bottoms are, they must:  1.flatter (slim down) my lower half – my “problem area”. 2. be made of a hearty material to support my active “mom with young children” lifestyle. 3. be versatile in dark, subtle colors that can be re-worn during the week without anyone noticing.

What Mom actually stays on top of laundry? No one notices if you wear the same dark or mid-color jeans twice, but they will notice bright colors with flashy prints.

This season I only bought one pair of pants. I loved my black ponte pants from fall so much that when I saw them at Costco for $12.00, in “Merlo”, I couldn’t resist buying a pair! Even though they are the same cut as the black, the subtle color makes it a versatile option with all the neutral colored tops I picked. Not to mention they are fabulous with the two blush tops – Score!  I also pulled out my black jogger trousers from last year. They are a welcomed backed favorite!

It it gets easier every season.  You will learn a lot about yourself and your personal style each time. You will be amazed at how much time you save getting dressed in the morning as well as money. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you make because they will save you money in the long run if you learn from them.


Winter Wardrobe 2016 Trendsetter ChecklistPutting your own capsule together? Want ideas? Download my checklist of 12 Top Hottest Trends for Winter 2016.  Tips on how to use the checklist are included. Click on the link to get Trendsetter Winter Checklist and styling tips for winter.  Or See 4 Easy Steps to Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

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Want more tips on creating a capsule? Amy at Mom Advice put together a Top 25 Wardrobe Planning Printables and Tools!


2 thoughts on “3 Effortless Steps to A Winter Mom Wardrobe

  1. Shannon, I really love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that is has helped and encouraged me in growing spiritually and in figuring out what my wardrobe should look like! I know the spiritual stuff is more important but the everyday wardrobe ideas are so helpful and it is right where I am at in trying to figure out how to simplify things. Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom! One question I have is when do you find time to shop? I have 3 little ones like you and I find it so hard to find time to get out and shop. When I do get the opportunity I don’t find anything and then I feel like I just wasted time away from my family and it wasn’t even enjoyable. I used to love to shop but now it just is becoming a burden. Any ideas?


    1. Thank you Kim! I’m so glad my fashion posts have been helpful. I shop at night after the kids are in bed, on weekends, when Adam or grandparents can watch the kids, or online. These last several capsules I’ve just allowed myself a couple of weeks to get the whole wardrobe done then blissful freedom till the next season hits. I recommend doing thorough online research before hitting the stores. Make a list of things what you need and which stores have the options you want to try. I would focus on getting all the basics, neutral colors, in versatile styles first if you crunched on time because you can wear them over and over and even rewear them during the week and no one really notices. For us Mom’s it’s shirts, pants and cardigans/sweaters. It’s winter so you can re-wear a lot more clothes than summer, granted they don’t have food fingerprints etc. The first couple of capsules take a long time but the more you do the quicker they become. I won’t need to shop very much next year because I’ve already build the foundation. As soon as you define your style and fit you’ll find your “go to stores” and it will get easier. I shop the most at JCrew Factory, thrift Stores, Ann Taylor Loft Factory, and Target.I think GAP is coming back with mores styles that I like too. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. shanabanana@gmail.com. Also would you like to join my blog newsletter? I just sent one out and can send it to you if you’re interested.


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