Maximize Your Mornings

Read With Me Book Club: Shopping for Time, Carolyn Mahaney
Check In Chapter 2: Tip 1 Rise Early

I want to share one of my favorite resources for utilizing early morning hours.  It’s an ebook called Maximize Your Mornings by Kat at Inspired to Action. Three and a half years ago when my daughter, baby number two, just started to sleep through the night, I got ambitious, and started getting up super early to have a devotional time, exercise, and plan my day.  I am NOT a runner, nor am I athletically inclined, but I ended up accomplishing all three regularly, AND ended up running my first race 6 months later – pregnant!  It’s amazing what you can do when you make some goals.  Then baby number three was born (3 kids in 3 years), and I fell back into survival mode as a way of life.

My first race with my faithful training partner–we met at 6:15 am three times a week!

Like I mentioned last week in Book Club, I have recently emerged from that season and am now ready to reinstate what I call the “Hour of Power”, utilizing the Maximize Your Mornings program. Kat walks you through baby steps to build the habit of getting up early enough to have time to commune with God, exercise, and plan your day. It doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with as little as 5 minutes each morning. But before you know it, you are able to accomplish a ton more than you would have thought possible.

Request a free copy of Maximize Your Mornings Ebook.

A group of ladies from our ministry ran the Walnut Creek 5k together in December 2012.

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