Do You Have the Right Necklace?

Fashion Friday: Necklaces for NecklinesSET 1
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Reader’s Request: “Do you have anything on necklaces? I could use some help figuring out what to wear.”

Finding the right necklace is simple once you know your necklines. I put together this chart to help narrow down the choices.  Also consider those with shorter necks, broad shoulders or short torsos fare better in long styles, like chains and lariats. Chokers flatter those with longer necks. As always, remember Fashion Rule #1: Wear What You Love!

A lady doesn’t need a large collection of jewelry. A small, careful selection can go along way. The best choices are determined by your neck and necklines. You probably only need about 3 or 4 total.  I recommend at least one pendant, (a long and a short layer together nicely) in rings, discs, lockets or organic shapes and one statement necklace. Pearls and diamonds (or diamond-like) are always classic. Diversify by having a couple different styles for everyday wear and at least one for special occasions.

Where to Shop: Penny Pincher Fashion (here and here) has some great ideas for on trend accessories. I find mine at Target, Francescas, Madewell, JCrew (and JCrew Factory), Ann Taylor Outlet and even Forever 21. It’s all a matter of personal style.

Next on FF: Capsule Wardrobe Series

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Which necklace do you wear the most? Where do you shop for them?



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