Read With Me–“Shopping For Time”


One of my favorite books is Shopping for Time by Carolyn Mahaney & her daughters.  It came out the same year I was married. I have a fond memory of sitting in bed Sunday afternoon with my new husband reading it next to him in the one bedroom dump we affectionately called home. Over the years I’ve periodically gone back to skim through and remind myself of the lessons I need to relearn and reapply.

We are all busy– most of us have a lot on our plate and can easily start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes miserable. The Bible tells us we can do all He has called us to do and thrive. At the end of the year I get contemplative and excited about a fresh start. I love to think about all the ways I want to grow or need to change. I chose this book because it has timeless principles for evaluating our lives and how we spend our time. Despite how it may feel, God has given us enough time to do what we need to do. If I’m spinning my wheels and getting nowhere it’s because I’m focusing on wrong priorities. As my mentor wisely advised, I’m either doing the wrong things or the right things the wrong way.

Come join me every other Monday, starting next week, as I highlight some helpful points from the book and discuss how together, we can learn to “Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed.”

Shopping for TimeIf you don’t own the book you can buy it at your local church book store or on Amazon. Brand new for $11.68 or used “new” for about $6.00.

You don’t need to purchase the book to join the club. Just follow along with me as we evaluate and head into the new year with a game plan for how to live life to the fullest with all God’s given us!





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