Welcome Back Flared Jeans!

Flare JeansFashion Friday:
Based on how much press flared jeans are getting, I think it’s safe to say they are back. I am thrilled! Last year I scoured the stores looking for a pair and failed. This style is a great investment and choosing the right pair involves knowing your body shape. In my opinion, the bootcut, technically considered a “flare,” never left – it is the most universally flattering cut. You might even have a pair in your closet already. If your wardrobe is a cornucopia of skinny jeans, here are some tips to help you secure the perfect fit and expand your options.

Pear Shape
Flares are a pear’s best friend. They flatter this figure by balancing out the hips and elongating the legs.  Look for a slim fit in the seat, thighs, and down to the middle of the knees. Bigger bells that flare over shoes elongate your legs. Darker bottoms are always a winner.

Office FlareHourglass Figure
You were made for this cut. Your curves up top perfectly balance the bells down below. Look for a pair that cinches at the waist. Try adding a statement belt to accentuate your tiny waist.

Apple or Narrow Hips
Go easy on the flare to avoid overwhelming your hips and creating more of a triangle shape. Find a slight or smaller bell with an elongated fit. The bootcut is a good choice. Look for pants that flare before the knee, but not dramatically. Lighter colored bottoms generally are good for you.

Column or Long and Lean
If you are tall, flare as wide as you want. Your height can balance out the width at the bottom. Shorter column shapes should look for a flare that starts mid-knee and has a smaller bell.

Bootcut flarePetite
In proportion to your height, a smaller flare or bootcut works best. Too wide of  a bell will overwhelm your petite stature. Avoid cuffs at all costs, they make you look shorter.

How to wear them.
Shoes: Generally, I always wore my flares with converse type sneakers or flats, but heels (boots, wedges, anything with height) are definitely the best-looking option. With these pants you have to commit to a length.  I recommend tailoring the hem–you want them to skim the floor not drag.  (Time saver tip: When shopping, take the shoes you intend to wear them with. It’s better to have them tailored after a wash just in case they shrink.) If this cut is exceptionally flattering for your figure and you can afford it,  consider getting two pairs: one for heels and one for flats.

Tops: A fitted top balances volume below. A close fitting blouse, tee or even a sweater tucked in works well. Polish with a fitted blazer or cardigan. A wide or thin belt can accentuate your feminine waist.

To learn more about the flared leg and which is right for you, see How to Wear Flare Pants.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Back Flared Jeans!

  1. I’m curious what your thoughts on all the ripped jeans I’ve been seeing lately? Also, are high waists still ok with flare? Thanks!


    1. Good question on the ripped jeans. I personally find them uncomfortable, I don’t like the “airy feeling” or my knees poking through the holes. They do have a “cool” look to them so if they keep trending for another couple of years I might get some if I find a pair cheap enough that are comfortable. 😉 I have heard that it pays to get a higher quality pair because the strings will break if they are cheaply distressed. Check out Karla Reed on YouTube. On her Fall basics video from last year she talks about distressed jeans and a brand she thot was worth investing in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBTmnfO3D9Y High-waisted jeans will work for you if you have a long torso. I saw a gal at GAP several weeks ago with some high waisted flares and thought she looked darling. It all comes down to personal taste. If it looks good on you and you love it–wear it!


  2. This pear is so thrilled for the flare! I may have to get multiple fall/winter colors! I will try to contain myself:) Thanks for the great post!


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