Are You a Good Friend?

Two GirlsThe topic of friendships has popped up in conversations lately; it seems many of us have been hit with loneliness. It’s caused me to ask: “What kind of friend am I?” and “What kind of friends should I be investing in?” If you have been feeling this way too – be encouraged. You’re not the only one.

True friendships are rare and take work. If you have one or two solid friends, you are doing well. The solution starts with evaluating ourselves. How am I doing at being a good friend? Pray and ask God, “Who should I be investing in?” and “How can I build that relationship?”. True friendship start with Jesus. Lord, help me be the friend You are to me!

Silly as it is, this Sovereign Grace kid’s song has been a great source of conviction, instruction, and encouragement. My husband and I find ourselves putting it on repeat when we hear it in the car.  Hopefully the words will encourage you, too. Beware: Catchy Tune Ahead! Listen to it here.

A Good Friend
A friend will always think of others
A friend will overlook a wrong
A friend sticks closer than a brother
A friend is patient all along
Jesus, let me be the friend You are to me

A good friend, true friend
Here to help you through friend
Strong friend, kind friend
You can have what’s mine, friend
Best friend, sure friend
Humble and a pure friend
Lord, I wanna be a good friend

A friend will help me do the right things
A friend won’t lead me into sin
A friend will help me when I stumble
A friend will lift me up again
Jesus, help me find a friend who’ll make me wise

© 2010 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).


One thought on “Are You a Good Friend?

  1. How would you respond to the idea that we are only held accountable for the wife and mother we are? Do you think that’s a Biblical point of view? Are we limited in our roles? Is friendship just fluff?


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