Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion Friday
Fall is here – my favorite season for style! Modesty isn’t an issue, and the wonderful addition of layers opens so many creative doors. Disclaimer: I am not a professional fashion blogger. This capsule is not the most fashion forward, on trend collection.  It’s an everyday, full-time, Mom-drobe on a budget.

Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe
* Indicates Hand Me Downs (2) /Thrifted (9) Items + 15 Items From Last Season/Storage (1 White V-Neck Tee Not Pictured) + 8 New Items = 34 Total.

For this capsule wardrobe (a select number of items you wear for one season- I fit everything on a 2.5 ft rack in my closet with shoes underneath), I wanted to focus on first “shopping” my own closet, thrifting, correcting mistakes from the last season (over buying one type of item: striped shirts), and being more selective with every piece I added. Some guidelines for each garment were: 1. needed to fit within my budget 2. able to mix and match with all the other items 3. was a diverse and functional addition to the wardrobe as a whole.

The website that helped me the most was UnFancy by Caroline. Her Rule of Three as was a useful tool. For each category (jeans, t shirts, cardigans) she suggests selecting one basic/staple, one statement and one in-between style.

The purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to: 1. Wisely steward your finances by cutting out impulsive or binge shopping.  2. Stop falling victim to the consumer mentality of bigger, newer, cuter by being intentional with each item you purchase. 3. Practice self-control to stop excessive purchasing and investing in what you truly need. 4. Cultivate feminine dignity through your personal decorum. 5. Cut out closet clutter, which saves time and energy for the more essential, eternal, and joyful things in life.

See my winter capsule wardrobe.
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Next FF: Print Mixing–how to extend your wardrobe without spending money.


6 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Thanks for this! For the very first time in my life, I’m packing away summer/spring clothes and just keeping the fall and cold weather clothes in my drawers and my closets. I think it’s saved me time already because I don’t have to comb through all those weather-inappropriate clothes. Also, this is inspiring me to just stick to the clothes I have. Getting my bank account statement the last few months has been sobering because those “little” clothing purchases online add up so quickly and cost a lot more than expected. Thanks!


    1. This is a great question. My approach to shopping has changed since doing the capsule wardrobes. I look to different stores for different items. For this fall capsule, the new items were from Target and TJMaxx. The rest were from GoodWill, Bay Area Hospice and a local consignment store. I also like Loft, JCrew, Boden, GAP and Nordstrom. I love to look at the A.P.C. website to see what high end designers are putting out and then look for a cheaper version. Hope that helps. What are your favorite stores to shop?


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