Summer Wardrobe Review

7 Dresses + 1 Romper + 1 Skirt + 1 Vest = 10 Item Wardrobe
7 Dresses + 1 Romper + 1 Skirt + 1 Vest = 10 Item Wardrobe

In a previous post, I shared how I whittled down my wardrobe to 10 core items to simplify my life. The purpose was to save time, money and energy for more meaningful activities. This experiment was a success but I also made some learning mistakes.

1. My dress experiment was a huge hit. For 6 months I wore the same 7 dresses and romper every week.  It was fabulous. Dressing was so easy, quick, and simple.

2. I bought too many striped shirts. I’ve always had an addiction to stripes. Frankly I purchased too many shirts all together and hardly wore them. Next year I will separate my spring and summer tops. Lesson learned: more dresses = less need for tops. Duh.  A few of them will roll into my fall wardrobe.

3. Do not combine your spring and summer wardrobe. The climate where I live isn’t moderate enough. After packing away winter clothes, I kept digging back in on those random cold spurts for jeans or a sweater.  Confession: I got bored the last two weeks in August of wearing the same weekly outfits for 6 months. Now I know to diversify by having a mixture of dresses and skirts. Also, the idea of switching things up every three months is exciting!

Here are the main tops I wore. I had 3 other striped shirts not pictured.
Here are the main tops I wore. I had 3 other striped shirts not pictured.

4. Skirts can add refreshing variety. In summer I added a skirt and learned how a basic, versatile skirt can expand your wardrobe. Wearing it with a white v-neck t shirt, a button down, a ruffled tank, or a graphic tee gives you a wide range of looks. You can wear the same skirt every week and rotate different tops to keep from feeling like you’re wearing the same thing over and over.

The Daily Connoisseur gives her summer wardrobe review here.

Next Fashion Friday: see how I used what I learned to create my Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

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How did your spring and/or summer wardrobe go?  What were your “go to” outfits?  What did you learn this season?


6 thoughts on “Summer Wardrobe Review

  1. Shannon, I recently found your blog through a post of FB and have been enjoying hearing from you and the topics you discuss. So do you buy 7 new items each season and wear them for the season or do you keep things year to year?


    1. Thanks for joining us. Great question! I have only done the capsule wardrobe for one full year. Last year I had 10 extra pounds of baby weight and was able to work that off, so this spring/summer I had to buy new clothes. (This is a big investing year.) My goal was to have 7 dresses, one for each day of the week. I have these in storage and next Spring and Summer will divide them between the two seasons for my capsule wardrobes. I don’t anticipate having to buy much since I worked to build a good base this year. 🙂 Have you tried the capsule wardrobe concept yet? What are your thoughts?


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