The Ruana: Pass or Poncho?

How to wear a poncho and ruana.
Subtle colors, traditional prints and interesting textures are an easy way to extend your wardrobe.

Fashion Friday
Ruanas, ponchos, capes – the look for fall is drapey. Most stores have already rolled out some variety of these wraps, from plaids, stripes to ethnic patterns – all with various price ranges. The color block, Aztec, or graphic designs are the hot trends for Fall 2015 (see below). They are available in rich colors this season. Grey is also a good choice because it’s so versatile and flatters all skin colors.

These patterns are trending for 2015.
A great layering piece–the longer lengths are more sophisticated.

How to Wear It:  These voluminous folds can be tricky. There is a fine line between boho-chic and the homeless lady look. The general rule is balance: big on top –> slim on bottom. Pair with leggings, skinnys,  boot cut, and even slim flare jeans for a safe bet.

Skirts and dresses are trickier. I recommend a shorter wrap with an above the knee skirt (modesty in mind – watch out for too short) vs. a midi. Or try a longer, belted poncho with a maxi skirt (it has an elongating effect that will balance out the volume).  I love any boots or booties with this style. It keeps within the fall/winter genre, but flats work as well.

Personally, I will be passing on the poncho this season. I can’t imagine wrestling toddlers in/out of car seats encumbered by large folds of fabric. Next Fashion Friday, look to see how I incorporate the drapey style into my Fall Capsule. (Also, keep an eye out for a bonus post – Summer Wardrobe Review.) Remember, YOU wear the trends, don’t let them wear you!

See these links for ideas: 20 Style Tips on How to Wear Ponchos and The Trend Spotter for Fall 2015 trends.

Please comment:
Have you tried the poncho yet? What do you usually wear it with?


2 thoughts on “The Ruana: Pass or Poncho?

  1. Love this poncho post! I appreciate the “best way to wear” advice.
    I have tried the poncho and usually where it with jeans and booties or leggings and tall boots.


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