FREE: My Favorite Household Planner

This week I want to share my household planner. In a recent post on preparing for marriage, I mentioned cleaning as something I wish I had become proficient at before saying “I do.” Organizing is not easy for me, but I LOVE a clean and well-run home. I’ve tried various methods of organizing home maintenance and this one has been the most successful. Even better: it’s free.

Free Household Planner
Download the Free Planner here -scroll to the very bottom of the link.

For awhile I tried the Fly Lady method of house cleaning, which involves breaking up chores by doing a little each day.  However, her daily emails blew up my inbox and having to go online to see what to clean became tedious.

Then I found Susan at The Confident Mom. She has a daily home management planner that took the Fly Lady concept but put it in a check list form. Oh Joy–how I love a check list! I was sold and have been using it ever since.  A couple of years ago she started giving it out for free as she learned what a ministry it is to others. God bless her!

How it works. On the top of the planner she has daily checklists: drink your water (8 little cups to check off), start a load of laundry, self care 10 min. etc. Underneath, she has weekly chores divided up throughout the week. For example, Wednesday is typically: Wipe & clean one shelf in refrigerator, wipe out  microwave, wipe down all appliance doors, clean tubs & showers.  Individually the chores only take minutes. I love that all I have to do is look at the checklist and select what I can accomplish – then check it off. Usually if I start with one, I get most of them done. 🙂  There is also a weekly menu planner on each page and little quotes of encouragement.  If I feel overwhelmed, I set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes – that breaks the job into a bite sized piece and its not so intimidating! It feels good to look back on the day and see all you have accomplished, even if it was little things like taking out the trash and making your bed!

She has also made the planner flexible so you can edit it to fit your needs. Download The Confident Mom Household Planner for free and see her other super cheap resources.

Please Comment:
Do you like to clean? How do you tackle household management?


2 thoughts on “FREE: My Favorite Household Planner

  1. When the mood hits me, I’m a cleaning demon! Unfortunately I’m not often in the mood!
    Thanks for the planner info, I’m going to check into it. Like you I tried Fly Lady but yeah, the emails were crazy!


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