Must Have Trend Proof Jewelry!

If you buy one piece of jewelry this season–

go for two-tone.


A two-tone watch is a great choice.
My first big girl purchase after I graduated from college was a watch. The job I landed was at an entertainment public relations firm in LA’s affluent west side. (Think Beverly Hills, Bell Air, Santa Monica).  I figured I would need “something” in case I happened to run into a movie star while go-phering and running errands. This was back when the cell phone was just a cell phone – no texting and certainly no internet. Now people don’t need a watch, or an alarm clock anymore – the cell phone is so multi-functional.  I personally still love to wear a watch. It’s quicker than searching for my phone when I need the time.

Mix those metals – you can’t go wrong!
I went to Macy’s and picked out a simple two-tone, silver and gold plated Fossil watch.  (Not Kardashian glam, but it fit my budget). Enter the world of two-tone jewelry! I was hooked and never looked back. The beauty of a simple two-tone piece is you can wear any color metal without clashing or looking mismatched.  For a long time the silver or platinum look was a staple.  Then gold started coming back in.  Now both are equally acceptable. A basic two-tone piece is classic and allows you to ride both trends in an ever so simple and chic way. ( For example, Cartier’s famous trinity ring, made of  gold, silver, rose gold, has been selling since 1924). Something like a gold and silver watch or bangle bracelet is a simple way to effortlessly pull it together. For example, a two-tone bracelet or necklace will match any ring or earrings.  I recommend not overdoing it because flashy can dangle dangerously close to trashy.   Consider Coco Channel’s famous advice: “After putting on all your accessories – take one off.” I typically don’t wear more than two items that might catch the eye (shoes included).   I think it’s better to be understated than look like a walking Christmas tree.

two tone watch, bracelet and watch

How to wear it.
Instead of doing a 50/50 ratio, aim for 80/20.  It’s better to focus on one color and use the other as an accent. For example, I like to wear my gold and silver necklace (above) with my silver watch.  Or I wear a two-tone bangle cuff (side) with gold metallic sandals.  A simple way to start is with a smaller piece such as a gold and silver pendant, earrings, or ring. Or stack different metal bangles together. Easy Peasy!

Have fun and experiment. Most importantly, wear what is comfortable and makes you feel pretty and feminine, no matter what the trends are.

Pictured in this post:
Necklace: Francesca’s $20, Bangle Cuff Bracelet: Francesca’s $14. Two-tone Watch: Macy’s, $60 (1998)

Please comment:
Do you tend to wear silver or gold? Have you tried wearing two-tone jewelry?  What pieces do you have and how do you like it?


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